Sniper Challenge Cover.jpg
Hitman:Sniper Challenge
开发商 IO-Interactive
发行商 Square Enix Europe
发行日期 US:2012年8月1日
引擎 Glacier2 冰川2引擎
平台 Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
类型 第三人称射击
模式 单人



Welcome to Chicago, 47. Your main target, Richard Strong Jr., is the CEO of Stallion Armaments, a high-profile weapons manufacturer. Richard Strong is an exceedingly private figure who rarely moves in public, so the best window of opportunity is during his brief appearance at the company's annual retreat. However, keep in mind that the place will be packed with witnesses. Our client wants Richard Strong eliminated, along with his entire host of bodyguards. Apparently, he wants to send a message. Richard Strong is highly punctual, and will only mingle with his employees for 15 minutes. At precisely 6 o'clock, he will leave the premises, so be mindful of the time. There should, however, be plenty of opportunities for a more silent approach. I know you'll appreciate that. Good luck, 47


Hello, 47. Your main target, Richard Strong Jr, is the CEO of Stallion Armaments, a high profile weapons manufacturer. Mr. Strong is a very private man who rarely moves in public. Strong has become increasingly paranoid about threats to his person and never leaves his penthouse. The window of opportunity is exceedingly small; it is highly unlikely that another opportunity like this will arise. You are authorized to use any means necessary.